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SwaraOwa in bahasa, meant  “gibbon voice”. We are a group of young people, all Indonesian native who want to contribute to conserve of our endangered primate species and it’s habitat.This is our pages to promote, to share the knowledge and field experiences, to raise attention and awareness, also to build a professional network, to conserve our precious wildlife and it’s nature habitat.

Project history in Central Java is started since 2005 in Mt.Slamet Central Java, Indonesia,  your can read here for our previous  project activities.


Coffee and Primate Conservation Project was initiated in 2008 till now, with the aims to create sustainable conservation activities for Javan gibbon  through  creating small medium enterprises for local communities nearby the forest of Javan gibbon habitat. Kopi owa or Owa coffee is our conservation brand,established since 2012 to promote shade grown coffee as one of the forest product from the habitat of Javan gibbon. We start initiation activities in Sokokembang village, and now extend to other villages in Pekalogan regency, Central Java Provice, Indonesia. Coffee and Primate Conservation project have been succeed to promote and motivate farmers to manage shade grown coffee in the mean while promoting Javan gibbon as local pride. Watch here for tv coverage of Kopi Owa story.

SwaraOwa, officially launch in the world wide web in June 4, 2014, read here in for first posting in our blog, than establish on the social media, to aim promoting our field work for conservation of Javan Gibbon, in Central Java.  In the field we have been grow with many stories, and strengthen us to contribute at the grass root level conservation activities.

What We do:

To conserve Indonesian primate (especially gibbon species) in their nature habitat.

To create sustainable initiative to conserve Indonesian gibbon species, through doing applied research, rising young Indonesian primatologist, through primate field course  for local professional development and  developing small medium enterprises / economic activities in the habitat of endangered gibbon species.

Recently we have initiated fieldwork for Mentawai Gibbon (Hylobates klosii) in Mentawai Island west Sumatera. field site address : Uma Malinggai Traditional Mentawai, Ds. Puro 2, Siberut Selatan, Mentawai, Sumatera Barat

For further correspondence, please feel free to contact us : swaraowa at gmail dot com ; tweeter, FB, IG@swaraOwa

We would like to thanks to our main sponsors, who give great support, advise and sustainable networking for conservation.

  wrsfwkidszooZooOva_plnegibbon specialist group

read here for monthly updates from the field :  www.swaraOwa.blogspot.com

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