Sustainable Products

All these products are created to support Javan gibbon Conservation Program in central Java,  Indonesia, you can contribute by buying these items. All these products, are inspired by our field work in the habitat of Javan gibbon, Sokokembang forest, Central Java, Indonesia. some of them are produced directly  by farmers nearby the forest of gibbon’s habitat, this all fair trade and sustainable. to see our field work please take a look at our blog

please find your name in this list  for your donation through our products, email us  :swaraowa at for your order and contribution. currently we have coffee (roasted beans Arabica and Robusta at 225 gr/pack ,  t-shirt, and other sustainable products for donation.

leaflet_eng_mei 2016




Product ID : 1.a. T-shirt

available stock :size L (10 pcs) XL (10 pcs) M (2 pcs- brown colour )

price : IDR 100,000 (shipping cost not included)

email to swaraowa at for your contribution



2 thoughts on “Sustainable Products

  1. I’m writing to ask if you ship to the US, and if so what payment you accept? I would like to order T shirts and coffee beans.

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